Movies and Fun - They're BACK!

Enjoy these movies - keep in mind that some might be disturbing for younger or more sensitive viewers...


Happy ChrismaHanuKwanzakah (NEW)!
Budweiser - Shalom!
Car gets it's revenge on a dog
Dennis Miller's Take on The Whole Enron Fiasco (bad Language)
Durex Condom Commercial
New Olympic Sport from China - Tree Catching!
Big Dog, small Granny - you do the math
What happens when you don't get enough calcium (warning - graphic images - really gross)
Dancer + Kid in the wrong place
Where did the best man hide the wedding ring?
Pommel Horse + slippery feet
Burning building + man jumping (disturbing)
Commercial from PETA about getting your cats spayed and neutered
Herd of sheep? Yeah, I heard of sheep...
Smartbeep Commerical - what NOT to do on a blind date
2nd Smart Beep Commercial - Sumo Wrestlers
Furniture having Sex!
AXE Cologne Commercial - a little too revealing!
Mixing Bowling with Hockey!
Iraqi Diving Trials - Splat....
The Man Song (not a video, but hysterical)
America's Funniest Home Videos tribute to Cats
Someone who feels VERY strongly about his MacIntosh
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