The Picture from the front page!  A wonderful picture
from the light of the menorah.  This wonderful shot was
taken by Papa while Nana and Papa were visiting.

Daddy and his girls - all dressed up for a
holiday lunch

Mommy and Lexi - Same lunch

The sweet sisters.  Haylee wasn't too happy about
wearing tights and a dress... But Lexi loved
her party outfit.

See, Haylee is much happier in overalls

Daddy, be a horsey!  Their favorite part is when they
fall off daddy onto the mat

Daddy's a horsey a lot!

Squeeky Clean!  We got to take a bath in Mommy and Daddy's Tub!

Lexi and her friend Lindsey play dress-up

The aspiring young artist - Hayee!

All set for a "stroll" - Haylee in her hat

Picture of the family from halloween - The jailbirds,
Ariel and La-la... Nice teeth, Marc!
(this picture can also be entitled... Me and the ol' ball & chain)

Check next month for more pictures - Happy New Year Everyone!


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