Nana and Papa when they were visiting
- They survived an arduous journey to get here -

Lexi sporting her new "do"
-No, her hair doesn't normally act that straight, the
beautician just blow dried it straight.

Haylee learning to skate

You can't really see it, but all three of us are
on roller blades.  Haylee would rather ride...

Sometimes this family feels so confining...

Lexi willingly posing for a picture - haylee was too busy in
the background to even look up.

Dahling, you look mahvahlous!

The front page picture - Lexi and Haylee get along
very well about 75% of the time, and they love
to hug!

It's cowgirl Haylee! She's taken to wearing
those boots out everywhere...

And last, but not least, a serious picture to
show just how much Haylee is growing.

Check next month for more pictures - We should have Haylee Birthday Pics!

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