You're Mission... Should you choose to accept it...
Determine which photos were taken with a normal
35mm camera and scanned in, vs. the ones which
were taken with our new Digital Camera (A Kodak
DC4800 Digital Camera - we love it!)

Lexi being a monkey!

Lexi just "hanging" around

We've had wonderful weather in Houston!

Lexi's parakeet impersonation

The couch potatoes...

Mermaid Haylee

A real smile for the camera!

The front page picture - Haylee looking forward
to the Cupcake for her birthday

Haylee on an Easter Egg Hunt

Of course we needed to show Lexi on the hunt too!

Lexi and Haylee in matching 'jammies - playing
On Lexi's new Bunk bed!

Sweet Sisters - Haylee showing off her slippers

We also went to the Children's Fest which happens
in Houston every spring.  Lexi and Haylee loved
going down the slide

You can't tell that well from this picture, but Haylee
loved the slide, and threw a fit when we were done!

Haylee jumped in here for almost 30 minutes...  And slept very
well that night! (Also at the Children's Fest)

Who says that my children are afraid of "bugs"!
(one of the many "characters" we met at the Fest)

For those of you curious about which pictures are which, the 7 pictures were taken with the new camera (rows 1-3 and the first picture in the 4th row).
In fact in the picture of Lexi in Row 4, you can see the 35mm camera in the background - a dead giveaway.  We're pretty happy with the camera,
and hopefully it'll mean more pictures on the web site!  See everyone next month!

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