Lexi's 5th Birthday Party

Note that I changed the format of the picture pages - now that we have a digital camera
I found it would be easier to put the pictures all in a vertical row since some of them are a bit
wide and not everyone has huge monitors for viewing. Now you just have to scroll up and
down instead of side to side too!

This is the moonwalk we rented. And you think the neighbors were annoyed by how large the Jungle Gym was!

The picture from the front page... Lexi having a ball in her moonwalk

Haylee having a ball too!

All the kids having cake. Lexi had quite a turnout!

This was Lexi's Cake!

Lexi blowing out the candles!
Ok, I know it doesn't look like she's blowing out the candles, but she is!

No pictures please! I'm too busy eating cake!

Lexi in her new dressup clothes she got for her birthday

Of course Haylee has to get in the act too!

Dahling, you look mahvalous! or.. Does this hat match my diaper?

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