Lexi and Haylee In the Balls!

Haylee loves dressing up in Lexi's clothes!
(Of course this shirt is pretty big on Lexi too!)

Haylee, put on your flying goggles!

Haylee enjoying a swing!

A collision in progress...

Climbing the pirate's ladder

Munchin' on a Hot Pocket
(She actually ate 3/4ths of it after she
already finished her dinner)

Lexi in the 4th of July Parade!
(she rode her bike about half a mile!)

Future Fire Fighter of America
(At the 4th of July Parade)

My mom will love this picture...
Haylee in Nature...

Hey, you already learned about our obnoxious neighbors in The Tale Of The Jungle Gym Part I,
Now learn about the battle with the association in The Tale of the Jungle Gym Part II

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